iPhone 5SE Battery

iPhone 5SE Battery

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This is the battery replacement for the Apple iPhone 5 SE. This battery repair can be used to replace a non-responsive battery, a broken battery, a battery that shuts off randomly or a battery that wont charge.


Quality material, premium craftsmanship and precision machining. All batteries have been fully cycled are quaranteed to last! 100% Perfect fit. Tested mAH is 1624.

Carrier Compatibility

This Battery is compatible with all iPhone 5 SE, and model number A1723, A1662, and A1724 including A&TT, Verizon and Sprint.

Model Compatibility

This battery is compatible with all Apple iPhone 5 SE versions, including the 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models, as well as the A1723, A1662, and A1724 iPhone 5 SE models.


This is a Do-it-yourself repair item. We recommend professional installation.


Mobile Rescue stands by the quality of its parts by offering a 90 Day Warranty against all defects.

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